Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest post: Spanish Style Stenciled Tile Framed Art Piece

Check out this awesome project from my blogger friend Lisha. I absolutely love the finish product! Plus, she's got a giveaway happening for some of the materials she used:
Hey everyone, I'm Lisha from One House One Couple! Sheila was kind enough to let me come over to her "house" all the way from California to share a fun project I recently did with y'all -- I thought it'd be fitting to put that "y'all" in for a good southern touch ;)

What I made was a DIY stenciled spanish-style tiled piece of art to hang up next to our entryway gate to make it more welcoming for our guests. We live in a little house in the back, so our entry way is on the alley, so it's not too pretty out there.

This is what it looked like when we first moved in:

And it took us about a year to get around to it, but we recently cleaned it up and planted some bougainvillea:

But I knew it still needed a little sprucing up. And what finally sparked an idea was a company called W.R. Grace & Co. that wanted to send me a sample of their new product Bondera (a really awesome tile adhesive that you use in place of mortar) to try out and then also give it away on my blog to one lucky winner -- which is happening right now! We're giving away a 12"x10' roll and a 4"x10' roll of Bondera, plus a $10 Home Depot giftcard to go with it!

So if you're planning on doing any tiling projects in the near future, I suggest you head on over and enter to win and also see how I used it because this Bondera stuff is the best! It's easy to use, it's clean, you can walk away from your project in the middle of it and come back later (unlike with mortar because it will dry all up), and you can grout right away (unlike with mortar where you have to wait at least 24 hours to grout).

Anyway, I'm going to show you the fun part of the project here!

First I used a 4'x2' piece of thin plywood, 4"x4" ceramic tiles that you can get for like 13 cents each, Bondera TileMatSet, and grout to get to this point:

For stencil painting the tiles you will need acrylic paint in the colors of your choice, a foam brush, a poster board, utility knife, a straight edge to cut along (if desired), and some paper towel.

I made a stencil out of poster board that I could use to paint the same pattern on every tile.

I just eye-balled it, drawing what I wanted with a pencil, and cut out the pieces with a utility knife. But if you're not very good at drawing you can print something out, glue stick it on to the poster board and cut it out. Just make sure your finished stencil is the same size as the tile. And you want to make sure you cut it so that there is an extra inch or two on every side of your full stencil so the paint doesn't run off the edge on to your other tiles when you're splotching it on.

Next I chose my colors, and which color would go where. I decided on blue, green, yellow, and orange. To save time, you should just do one color on all the tiles first, then clean your foam brush in between colors and switch and do all of another color on all tiles. Even if you have more than one foam brush, when you start doing a new color, the paint from the last color won't be dry, so the last color will get in the brush of the new color.

So I started off with blue, and what you want to do is just put a little bit of paint on your foam brush and just dab it to fill it in. Swiping your brush across will make more paint go underneath the stencil and you don't want that.

I went through all the colors and ended with yellow. If you start with darker colors (like blue) and move on to lighter colors (like yellow), you really need to make sure you rinse off your brush completely in between colors. So just to be safe, it's actually smarter to start off with your lightest color and move on from color to color going lightest to darkest.

One thing you want to be sure to do is pat the under side of the stencil with a paper towel to dry the paint after each tile. This keeps all the bleeding from ending up on your next tile.

The cool think about the ceramic tile is the glossy coat makes it easy to get the paint off if you mess up. You can just scrape the paint off with your fingernail or something.

Here's how it looked once I was done with the stencil painting:

Once I was done painting, since I was going to hang my project outside, I decided to spray a clear coat over it all to protect it from the weather. I used Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel.

Then I needed to put the frame on. I used 1'x3's to frame it. I explain how to cut the plywood to the right size and place the tiles correctly in order to fit the framing on when it's done in my Bondera giveaway post. Once the tiles were done, I cut the 1x3s to size at 45 degree angles.

I then screwed on some 1" nails through the front to keep the framing in place:

Then to really secure it, I used a staple gun to stable it a bunch of times in the back as well:

And here's how the final piece looked:

So then I had this space to put it in:

And I grabbed my husband Kyle to help me hold it up while I unscrewed 4 of the screws and screwed longer screws in their place that would go through the fence as well to hold it up in place:

And now our "front" yard looks like this:

I think it will look really nice once the bougainvillea starts growing more to fill it in. I'm also planning on doing some rock landscaping to give the ground a more finished look as well.

So that's that! Thanks again to Sheila for welcoming us over to Beyond the Cookie Cutter! It's been fun. Y'all can come join me any time at One House One Couple, twitter, facebook, or pinterest, and don't forget to hop on over to enter for the giveaway!

Also, come see the guest post Sheila did at our blog! She created a really cool terracotta end table!

So what have you all been up to? Has the summer weather given you inspiration to do any outdoor projects?

P.S. I'm pretty sure this project could be pretty easily modified for those of us renters. Thanks so much for sharing Lisha :)


  1. Hey Sheila! Thanks again for having me! You rock! :)

    1. OMG this comment got buried in blogland somehow! I'm so sorry I didn't see it before. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! Still figuring out how I want to adapt it in my apartment ;)


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