Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Iron" Headboard (trickery)

Is there anything better than the feeling of making something yourself for SUPER cheap, and having people think it was store bought and expensive? Nope. Not to me anyway. Especially when it's something that completely changes a room. A perfect example of this type of project was a PVC headboard that looks like iron. #fooledyou

This bed frame and headboard set from Urban Outfitters is $800. My bed frame and headboard set was about $50. And $35 of that was spent on the plain metal sturdy frame. Enough with the numbers, the other great part is how relatively simple it was to make!

You Will Need:
4- 10' PVC pipe poles 3/4" thick
2- PVC elbow joints for 3/4"
14- PVC t-joints for 3/4"
PVC pipe cutters
Measuring Tape
Spray Paint
Plastic sheeting or area okay to paint it

My dimensions are for a queen size bed but it would be easy enough to adjust the width as needed. Mark off your measurements with a sharpie and use the pipe cutters to cut to length. Here's a list of cuts:

1 piece- 60"
2 pieces-6"
2 pieces- 18"
6 pieces- 24"
10 pieces-11.5"

I know 11.5" is kind of a weird measurement but using the t-joints adds a tiny bit of length. Using a full 12" would make the detailed section too long for the top bar and too wide for the bed. Push all the pieces firmly together. You can use a rubber mallet if you're having trouble getting them as tightly as possible. After this picture, I added t-joints to the bottom pipes too.

To paint, I used Rust-oleum in hammered finished antique pewter. It has a primer in it and is also suitable for plastic. Give it all 2 coats and a day to try between each one.I just happened to have these large sheets of plastic still around from when I bought my mattress. They were perfect to guard the background from rogue spray paint. Be sure to wear some kind of shoes though - the bottoms of my feet were antique pewter for a week, Ikidyounot.

After it dries thoroughly just put it behind your bed. I haven't attached it in any way, just let it rest between the bed and the wall in the corner and it's fine. I wouldn't lean on it myself but it's perfect for pillows and looks cute with a blanket over the top rail as well.

Can you tell it's made of $10 worth of PVC and a good can of spray paint? What color would look best in your room? I'd love to know!



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    1. haha why thank you! I'll take that description over just really cheap...


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