Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings

You didn't think I was going to stop with just the napkins did you?

Napkin rings are the punctuation to a table setting; they finish the look and complete to the tone. But they tend to be expensive as even the cheap ones are a few dollars a piece. To create an inexpensive alternative you can use a regular, plain ol' paper towel roll.This project was inspired by Renee's DIY Napkin Rings over at Rustic Crafts and Chic Decor. Thanks Renee!

You Will Need:
Paper towel roll or any other type of cardboard roll 
6 strips of unrolled paper twist, 15" long
Hot glue
6 buttons
Cord or ribbon
Hole punch

The first step is to cut your roll to size. You can use any type of cardboard roll you desire. I cut mine down the center and then in 1-3/4" wide sections since the roll was 11" long total. 

Next, wrap your unrolled paper twist around each section. It was easiest to wrap and then glue. Once you've completely covered the cardboard, hot glue the ends and any lose sections. 

Adding the buttons and loops was the tricky part. Use the smallest hole punch you have to punch a  hole centered about 1/4" away from each edge. Use a short piece of cord through the holes and your button and feed the back of the cord through one hole. Knot several times until it it is larger that the hole.

Next, use a longer piece of cord and tie a loop. Push the loop end up through the empty hole, leaving the knotted end inside. Both inside knots could also be hot glued into place if desired. 

Then just close it up around your napkin.

You could make them all the same, but it seemed like more fun to switch it up and let each ring be as unique as the napkin.

Even my "non-crafty" friend who I tricked into helping thought they were super easy to make.

Can you tell they started from a paper towel roll? More importantly, have you ever used paper twist before? I'd love to know!

Sheila :)


  1. Sheila! I absolutely love these! They turned out so incredibly fantastic! Thanks also for the shout out :)

    1. Thank you so much for the visit and the inspiration! I'm so happy you like them :)


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