Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Easy Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins seem to be all the rage right now. I love that the trend is to have a set using a bunch of different patterns as shown perfectly here and here. Between those examples and the stash of fabric I need to start using up before moving, cloth napkins were happenin'. 

Cloth napkins are usually about 20" x 20". Fat quarters from the quilt section are about 18" x 22". You can buy a color-coordinated varied pack (using a 40% off coupon-woot!) and not have to worry about cutting to size; if you don't have a large, flat work space not having to cut fabric to size is a huge time saver.  The small size difference isn't noticeable.

You will need:
Fat quarters, as many quarters as napkins you desire
Lots of pins
Sewing machine

If you aren't lazy, you start by ironing. I clearly did not. Sorry.

If you are lazy or have finished ironing, you move on to the corners.

My Mom taught me a handy trick for making the corners, which is the hardest part of this project. In each corner, fold the tip over once, then fold it over again. Originally it was easier to stitch each corner as pictured. After a while I learned to hem the sides without needing this part stitched, so you will too I'm sure.

Double hem each side by folding the edge twice. It's the same idea as folding the corners, but in a straight line instead. It should make a perfect point if folded correctly. The tension on my sewing machine is a little out of whack so some of the stitches have character. 

Repeat this all the way around on each napkin to create your set.

Enjoy with something extra delicious. 

Do you use cloth napkins? I love the look and the fact that they don't waste paper, but I also don't want to waste water by washing them all the time. Have you found a happy medium? I'd love to know.

Sheila :) 

PS. Thoughts and prayers of healing and comfort to all those in Oklahoma. It's a scary time, but you have the support of the nation.


  1. Love! Definitely going to make these for my apartment!

    1. Yay! Thanks! I'm sure you'll enjoy them. I find myself using them for all sorts of things now, like tying up my lunch (hobo bag style) and bringing it to work.


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