Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Light Switch Swag

Blurry again...
In my defense I only took the picture at the time because I wanted to show my Mom.
Not because I had planned to share it with the internet world. 

If you move a lot, or live in an apartment, you probably either can't or won't want to paint the walls. It's a great homey touch, but TONS of work.

In order to get around this predicament, I tried to think of little ways to add color and personality to walls without leaving anything permanent or difficult to change. One of my favorite ways has been to personalize light switch plates. It's SO easy and can turn out pretty stinkin' cute. But if they don't, a light switch plate costs about 50 cents from any hardware store so you can probably afford to mess up a few times.

To make the one you see pictured, use shades of green and brown construction paper (the dollar store is  a great place to load up on this crafting essential), markers, and Modpodge. Nothing fancy! The bird is actually a garden marker from the Target dollar section bought a while ago that came in a pack of 3. Cut the green paper into slightly different shapes and sizes of leaves, using a marker to accent. Layer them over the plate using Modpodge under and on top of each layer. Cut your brown paper to any tree shape you like, leaving enough extra to wrap around the sides. Marker again is great to add a little texture. This bird just happened to be on a piece of wire that goes the length of the plate. It was easy to use the brown paper to wrap around that wire and keep it in place. No glue needed! Using markers to color the screws adds a nice touch. Cover the whole thing in a healthy layer of Modpodge and let it dry. It takes about an hour to make, but let it dry overnight before you display it proudly.

The fun thing about this idea is that it can be as simple or complicated as your style. Not in the mood to cut out a bunch of leaves? Use 1 piece of scrapbook paper, or even a shopping bag from your favorite place, carefully cut out the area for the switch, and Modpodge that sucker into submission. Don't forget to let me know how it turns out!

Moving? Decide you need a change? Get new furniture? Make a new one! These would make a fun, unique, and inexpensive gift too. This one now belongs to a friend in Montana who helped me move and asked to keep it.


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