Monday, May 13, 2013

Cereal Box File Folders

Being a grown up is hard. There are bills to be paid, responsibilities to remember, and important documents to keep track of. When you move across the country a few times it becomes even more challenging. I had to take organizing matters into my own hands. 

File folders are expensive y'all. Especially when you don't need a million at a time. And the cute ones are even more expensive. However, reusing boxes you already have is free, eco-friendly, and in my opinion, adorable. 

You can use just about any thin cardboard box. Cereal boxes are usually about the perfect size so they don't require much trimming, but you could also use smaller boxes combined or frozen pizza boxes.

You will need:

  • a cereal box or other thin box
  • an old file to use as a template (I'm pretty sure judging by previous content, condition, and hand writing on the label, I've probably had this one since 4th grade.)
  • scissors
  • writing utensil
  • masking tape, optional
  • label maker, optional

Start by cutting down the long seam of your box and laying it flat. Lay your template file over top and find the best fit. Don't worry if you need to include the tabbed edge to get the right size. We can fix that later. It's also a good idea to find a seam already made in the box to serve as the folder seam. It's a lot easier and looks cleaner than folding a new one.

Don't forget to save your Labels for Education or Boxtops! You're welcome, Mom.

If you care, now is a good time to check which image will be on the front of the folder. I usually like to go with the box cover. 

Once you're happy with the positioning, outline it. 

Cut it out. Said while making the Joey Gladstone gestures. 

Remember when I said we'd take care of the tab part later? The time has come. It's not necessary, but it adds a fun detail and a little stability. Use packing tape to cover the tabbed edge. Mine just happened to be decorative because that's how I roll. Half the tape should hang over the edge so it can be folded over and reinforced.

Now all you have to do is label it. It's easy enough to grab a pen or Sharpie but my favorite is a simple label maker. It looks nice, and it also easier to change if the content of the folder changes.

Voila! Grown up organizing materials. Kinda.

This may also encourage you to vary your cereal choices, which may or may not be a good thing.

What's your favorite organizing trick? I'd love to know.

Sheila  :) 


  1. This one is my Favorite! I use these All the Time! :-)

    1. They're kind of addicting in their own little cereal-box-file-folder-way... Glad you like them!

  2. I never new you could use a cereal boxes. Now I'll have too look at things differently now.


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