Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekend Inspiration: Snow Days

Well, this time last week we were just getting over a 3 day snow break. Today, it was 70 degrees outside. It's nice to be able to walk outside again but I have to be honest and say I miss it a little bit. With memories of sleeping in and watching the snow fall still in my head, the weekend inspiration is snow days! Since many parts of the country still have a few months of cold left it's got to be relevant to someone still...

1. Snow day popcorn is everything you need. And by that I mean white chocolate nutmeg.

2. This cozy cartoon is everything I want on a snow day.

3. If you're in a place that doesn't normally get snow you can make the most out of it for the time being by making a duct tape sled.

4. Warm your bones with a caramel apple cider cocktail.

5. If you'd rather not eat the snow, can you paint with it instead.

6. Macaroni snowflakes would be adorable to make with kids or as simple snow party decorations.

7. When life gives you snow, turn it into snow cream.

Is it sunny and warm where you are or is it still snowy? How is your favorite was to spend a snow day? I'd love to know!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Minute Valentine Idea! (3 Day Snowpocalypse/Craftathon)

As everyone has heard by now, the south got slammed with Winter Storm Pax this week which has resulted in my work being closed for 3 days. Growing up in Florida, we never had snow days. Hurricanes days, yes. Snow days, no. Even though I lived in Montana I don't think I ever had a snow day until this week. I can't even imagine how much snow would be required to shut everything down there... *shudders with snowy thoughts* But here in the south, where snow is possible but not necessarily expected it only takes a few inches to shut it down. That said, I finished the Valentine's I would be giving out if civilization in Greenville is allowed to continue again. 

I tore the existing tag off a tea bag, folded washi tape over it and cut it into a heart shape. It took about 30 seconds. I just happened to have these little cello bags so I put the tea bag in there to give away. I couldn't resist the urge to incorporate a pun ("You're my cup of tea!"). Sealed the bag with another little piece of washi tape and it's all ready to give away to coworkers or friends.

I have made the most of these snow days. By that, I mean I've slept in, stayed in pajamas, eaten junk food, and watched wayyyyy to many movies. AND crafting!  Scrapbooking, crocheting, sewing, printing. The life and times of a lazy crafter. It's been wonderful :)

Wherever you are I hope you're safe, warm, and have everything you need to make fun last minute valentines. How did you spend your snow days? Did you make anything? I'd love to know!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekend Inspiration: Valentine's Day!

I shamelessly love Valentine's Day. Yeah I know all the arguments: blah blah commercialism, blah blah single, blah blah shouldn't need an excuse for chocolate. STEP OFF ME. I love it anyway. Why? Because making people feel loved is something I feel like we should all be doing all the time anyway regardless of relationship status or day of the year. Usually my love is expressed in the form of food, more specifically sugar. I promise I will reach beyond the norm and find other ideas for this Valentine's themed weekend inspiration.

Various Candy Hearts

Make your own Conversation Candy hearts. You know, so they can say things that make sense instead of sounding like a creepy middle schooler wrote them.

Glitter sidewalk chalk! If you don't want this, I don't understand you.


I made these mini heart pies last year for the people in my office. They were so much fun to make and everyone loved them.

Knitted Heart Valentines. Because we knitters have so much love to give.

DIY: Valentines day paper hearts garland in paper diy  with Valentines day Paper & Books heart garland DIY

This pretty paper heart garland could easily be up all year round.


Who knew homemade crayons could make such a beautiful Valentine gift? As a (pseudo) adult, I would be thrilled to get this from anyone.

Valentine ideas for coworkers

We're all a little more lovable when we're caffeinated.

A sweet, healthy touch to any Valentine's cocktail, heart shaped ice cubes made with pomegranate seeds.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? A big trend seems to be staying in this year. As a shameless homebody I fully support this idea. Whatever you do, and whomever you choose to spend it with, I hope it's a day full of love (and sugar).

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