Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Plastic Cards

RIP pretty Florida driver's license. As of this morning, my driver's license no longer pictures a beautiful beach scene in the background, and a picture of a very excited 16 year old Sheila in the corner. Also, 16 year old Sheila found a way to turn an "A" into a star in the middle of my signature. No regrets. Now, my driver's license has a big ol' palmetto in the middle, a picture that actually looks like me and a signature that you would see on an official document or check from me. All important things to update but if you've learned anything about me by now it should be that my sense of nostalgia is a major motivation behind almost any action.

In honor of surrendering the old state license to obtain the new, this Weekend Inspiration is plastic cards. By plastic, I mean old gifts cards, expired credit cards, the junk ones from the mail, anything like that you might have piled up around the house. Or am I the only one who holds on to stuff like that?

Can we just talk about how cool this is for a minute? I'm not even sure what to call it (tapestry? mosaic?), but it's made from plastic cards, and I like it.

I couldn't find a good link to the source for this plastic card map, but it's so impressive it needed to be included as inspiration.

If you play the guitar or ukulele you could be set for picks for life.

This earrings were made using plastic cards as a sturdy base.

These equally awesome earrings don't even try to hide their humble plastic card roots. (Linking to pinterest here because the original source is in Bulgarian. Not sure how helpful that would be to most of us. They look fairly self-explanatory.)

If earrings aren't your thing, how about this bracelet?

Paper clips! You can make fancy paper clips/bookmarks! This is possibly my favorite simple discovery.

And if you just don't want to deal with any of this, apparently there are ways to recycle them by just mailing them in.

Any exciting plans for this weekend? I'm planning to hang a bunch of pictures and add other homey touches. Maybe I'll buy running shoes... Any recommendations? Hope your weekend will be more exciting!  :)


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