Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Sentimental Nature

Y'all. This week has been Stressful. With a capital "S." Balancing work as the largest event of the year draws ever nearer while making sure to keep up with all other responsibilities has lead to me to wake up in a panic at 3 am more than once. I'm terrified of forgetting to do something. Or making a huge mistake the effects the efforts of others. When I woke up at 3 am this morning, the relief that came from knowing I didn't have to wake up for reals in a few hours allowed for some time to gather my thoughts.  I started to look around my room and noticed that all of my favorite pieces of decoration were gifts. My Deer Lodge blanket was a going away gift from my supervisor in Montana. The beautiful green hand-knitted blanket hanging off my headboard was a graduation present from a dear friend. My walls are covered with pictures, paintings, and cross-stitches from people I am lucky enough to call friends and family. Just taking in that thought, and remembering all the other pieces around my apartment with similar origins suddenly calmed me and reminded me that even though times have been stressful in the past there have always been people willing and able to help in some way.  Through action or simply encouragement. And if a mistake was made there was always a way to recover or be forgiven. And then I went back to sleep. 

If you're feeling weighed down by the many things you need to accomplish, personally or professionally, take a minute to look around you and think of all the different people of which your surrounding remind you. Think of how they helped you along the way and how, maybe, hopefully, you helped them as well. Allow it to make you smile. Take a deep breath and remember I'm rooting for you! Just thought I would share that in case someone else has been waking up before the sun :)


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  1. That reminds me of a passage from my favorite children's book: "And if someday you're lonely, or if someday you're sad, or you strike out at baseball, or you think you've been bad, just lift up your face, feel the wind in your hair. That's me, my sweet baby. My love is right there." God has the most wonderful ways of reminding us we are loved.


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