Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekend Inspiration: Lavender

I go home today! I'm so excited! This week has been much quieter after the craziness of the past week. The big event last Saturday went off without a hitch and actually set a new record for the number of people participating (#yay #success)! I've had time to pack everything up and prepare for a lovely Mother's Day weekend in Florida with the fam. While packing, I had to be very careful that any products included were scent-free since my Dad is allergic to perfumes and pretty much anything with a fragrance. Mom will occasionally sneak a light candle or hand-sanitizer but that's about the extent of pretty smelly things in the house. Now that I live far away, I've gone a little overboard with fun lotions, sprays, candles, perfumes... ALL the smells.

Do me a favor please and be sure to give your mother something with an extra lovely fragrance to make up for all the pretty scented things my Mom has given up over the years, just don't let her wear it around my Dad ;) One of my plant babies is a lavender plant that I can't wait to see blossom. With both these things in mind, a Weekend Inspiration theme with lavender was the only logical conclusion!

1. Homemade lavender bath salts (the relaxing kind, not the face-eating kind) would be a great way to relax!

2. While you're add it, might as well include some homemade soap.

3. Lavender sugar is definitely for people fancier than myself.

4. A simple dried bundle looks just as good as it smells.

5. Boozy lavender lemonade. 'Cause you know your Mom deserves a drink.

6. Lavender sachets that cam be used to calm or keep a draw smelling fresh.

7. Ice cream is always a good idea. Especially when it's blueberry-lavender ice cream.

8.  Lavender simple syrup for coffee and tea. Or whatever else you want to use it for. You do you.

Have you tried the lavender flavor and not just the scent before? How do you feel about fragrance? I'd love to know!


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