Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Confessions of a Recycling Hoarder

Like many crafty people, it's sometimes a challenge to let go of things that others would consider trash. As least most people. It's not an emotional challenge, so much as a crafting separation anxiety: What if I need those toilet paper rolls or wine bottles or plastic containers-- all of it. Inspiration may strike! I'm confessing to the internet world in the hopes other recycling hoarders (sometimes called crafters) may be able to sympathize.

1. The amount of  recyclable goods in the apartment has to reach an obscene level before it will be addressed. A tiny bit out of laziness, a lotta bit because they MIGHT be useful soon.

2. I am strongly opposed to the purchase of wrapping paper and will save things specifically for the use of wrapping gifts: newspaper, magazine pages, brown paper grocery bags...

3. Magazines are saved rarely for content, regularly for the variety of pictures and colors.

4. Wine is purchased less for taste, more for the bottle. There are documented episodes of standing in the store too long trying to remember, "Do I have this one yet?"

5. Plastic grocery bags have a home of their own in the closet. I prefer reusable clothe bags for groceries but occasionally will get plastic just to renew the stash. If we don't use them around the apartment, eventually they'll be turned turn into plarn. Or baskets. Or a painting drop clothe.

6. Corks and Bottle caps. They're just pretty.

7. Empty plastic yogurt containers are reused and referred to as "Tupperware." 'Cause that's classier.

8. Tiny containers are worth their weight in gold. NO baby food jar, spice shaker, or medicine bottle shall die in vain on my watch!

9. Cardboard has magical transformational properties and should be saved at all costs. Especially the good stuff. You know what I mean.

10. Friends have been known to save glass jars as gifts. They are prized and displayed.

Basically, it's a good thing I've moved across the country a few times and had to purge or this could become obscene. But it's free and eco-friendly! 

What is your favorite recyclable to hold on to? Do you have any go-to crafts using things from around the house? I'd love to hear your ideas :)



  1. you are the most adorable being on this planet. i miss you.

    1. Aw shucks, Marlee! I miss you too. But I'm pretty sure you actually helped to create the 2 most adorable beings on the planet ;)

  2. As a boardgamer I find small containers and boxes to be an amazing use for organizing all those pieces and still having it fit inside the game box. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had kept more.

    1. That's something I hadn't really thought about but would definitely be a great use! I bet envelopes could substitute fairly well until you can build up your supply :)


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