Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Inspiration: May Flowers

Today is the last day in May. Can you believe it? For some reason, it seems like the weather in the South usually goes from cold to sweltering with little in between but that was not the case this year. It was a bit cooler than usual so it didn't feel like spring for a long time. Or maybe I'm just too used to Florida weather and South Carolina is a different story all together...

To celebrate the end of the month this Weekend Inspiration theme is May flowers! Get it? April showers bring May flowers? I'll tell my inner 7 year old to quiet down now. 

Apricot Blackberry Shortbread Tart with Basil Cream inspired by the colors and life of May flowers at Cooking Melangery.

Wouldn't this little pair of fresh flowers be pretty to wake up to on your nightstand? This is just one in a whole blogful of gorgeous photos on A Rosy Note.

A flower pot card! How cute! On Life with Terri.

This would be so easy to make: an upside-down umbrella or parasol and a few bunches of flowers. But how long could it last though? From Random Thoughts.

Speaking of door decor, how about this non-wilting wreath from The Charmed Life? It might have been intended for Christmas...but whatever.

Is there ever a bad time of year for cookies? On Lila Loa.

Sunflowers = favorite flowers. These are for sale here, but could be easy to DIY-- Future post idea?

A picture index of different materials you can use to make flowers on Eileen Hull. The map pages and sewing pattern are my favorites.

Crochet flowers as party favors. These are made for a wedding but could be used for just about any spring or summer event that needs an extra thank you. From Aphrodite's Wedding Blog.

...So then what does June bring... Mosquitoes?

What is your favorite flower? More importantly, can you keep it alive or are you a plant murderer like myself? I'd love to know.

Sheila :)


  1. Plant murderer, definitely. That's me. I LOVE the umbrella! I think you could easily do that with fake flowers and it would look just as lovely....until it gets dusty that is.

    1. Fake flowers for the win! Just open and close your door SUPER FAST to try to keep the dust from settling, haha. Sorry neighbors...


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