Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Notebook Pen Holder

Now that Memorial Day weekend is over and I'm back in South Carolina, it's time to get back to business. How about a little something to help stay organized?

Have you seen Smash Books by K&Company? I think they're adorable. They're not paying me to say this, I just really like the stuff. Such a simple, but great idea that anyone can do. I've used a composition book like this for years. The accessories with the line are clever with a touch of whimsy. You've already seen the label maker in use with cereal box file folders. I fell in love with the elastic pen holder for the binders. It keeps the binder closed so nothing falls out and holds pens and pencils at the same time.

After multiple trips noticing these pen holders in the craft store, it seemed like it would be easy enough to make one customized for my little blog notebook. I would have bought the holder, but it would be way too big.

Isn't it cute? A good friend gave it to me years ago and I've saved it until there was a use cool enough to deserve it. Now, it holds bunches of post ideas and inspirations.

You will need:
Elastic, I used 1-1/4" thick. The length needed will depend on your notebook.
2" wide fabric strip at least 7" long
sewing machine, or needle, thread and perseverance

Start by wrapping your elastic around the notebook. It should stretch just a bit to overlap about a half inch, but not tightly. (If you bring your notebook to the store, you could pay just for the elastic you need. I don't think that far ahead.) Mark it and cut it to size.

Run a stitch across the overlap to make a circle of the elastic. 

Set the elastic circle aside and cut your 2" fabric strip. The length will depend on on your preference; 7" worked for this small notebook

Pin and sew a rough hem on the long ends of the strip. I was going for a lose, messy style so I didn't worry too much about the lines. Annnnnnddddd I never sew straight lines anyway.

Sew the short end of the strip over the top of the stitch that connected the elastic ends into a circle.

The best way to judge how far apart to sew the pen spaces is to use pens, oddly enough.

After a few pen spaces, I got the idea to include the second most frequently used item in the notebook: post-its. Each line was stitched twice, forwards and backwards, for stability.

I love it. It's so useful and fun, if I do say so myself. It took about 30 minutes using a sewing machine.

Do you have a "smash book"? Official or homemade. Would you want to include anything else besides pens and post-its in this holder? I'd love to know.

Sheila :)


  1. I love this! This would be a great gift to fellow crafters (my mom would love this...I'm saving this post so I can make one for her as a present). The only thing I could think of that I might make a space for is my eraser for when I do sketches. But that's not even a necessity. Great post!

    1. Thank you! An eraser is a great idea (I don't sketch, I'm just a general mess). You could add spaces as your interests evolve; there's definitely room for an eraser pocket to go in there. I hope your Mom likes it! :)


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