Thursday, June 27, 2013

Honesty Alert: Dumb Days

Do you ever have days when you feel like everything you do is wrong?

I’m having one of those days today. I accidently said something that could be hurtful and didn’t realize it until way later. So much later that I hate to bring it up again and revive awkwardness. I’m spilling things and making messes all over the place. I’m running into clearly established pieces of furniture. I’m not going a good job focusing.

So I stopped. I took a minute to go for a short walk. I made a fresh pot of coffee. This is my attempt to “restart.” I know I’m not dumb. I know my co-workers don’t think that. I’m just doing silly things and I need to move on.

It’s okay that that happens. Otherwise, how would I understand when someone else is having the same type of day? I need to remember to give myself the same patience and forgiveness I would give to others. Also, it’s almost insulting to not assume those around me are forgiving people. Oops. 

Let’s just all agree that dumb days happen. And we’re allowed to forgive ourselves. Let’s just restart, shall we?

How do you turn your day around when it’s headed down to frustration town?  I’d love to know.


PS. The look on my little friend’s face is exactly how I feel right now but it’s much cuter on her. After two years, I still miss working with kids.  Also, being able to wear a scarf to work to hide unwashed hair. I miss that too.

P.S.S. Is dumb an offensive term? Didn't think about it until I was getting ready to post. What do you think? Hope not!! There I go again...

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