Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekend Inspiration: State Love

My Mom called this morning at 7 AM. She normally doesn't call that early, so I answered in my still sleeping, still sick mode. The conversation went something like this:

Morning Person Mom: "I saw on your post from yesterday that you were homesick, so I thought I'd call and help you be less homesick."

Zombie me: "...What?"

Chipper Mom: "Your post yesterday on facebook says that you were homesick. I wanted to make you feel better."

Confused Zombie Me: "No. I was at home, sick, in bed. Like I am now, while I dread having to get up and get ready for work."

Less Enthusiastic Mom: "Oh. And I just woke you up early. Sorry."

I appreciated the call and it did actually help me get out of bed a lot faster than my alarm alone would have.  I do always get a little homesick when I am home sick. Who doesn't wish someone was there to take care of them?

I get homesick for family, but when it comes to locations I don't know what I get homesick for. St. Pete? Pensacola? Montana? Someday will it be South Carolina? Some people are born with state pride coming out of their ears. Floridians typically haven't lived there for generations like families in other states. Let's be real, they didn't have air conditioning all that long ago. Living in different states has taught me a lot about state culture and state pride. It's rubbed off to a certain extent. Except with zero sense of state loyalty; they are all my favorites.  This Weekend Inspiration theme is State love (in honor of being homesick/home sick).

I'm absolutely in love with these prints from the Etsy shop Studio Eighty.

A tutorial for this awesome string art. Rachel at I Like What I'm Herring also made one that's 3 ft tall. 
It's impressive. 

State Love paintings from Pen and Paint. 

Customizable Ohio State Pillow
It's a pillow! From the Etsy shop Love California.

glitter state art
Chelsea at Two Twenty One describes this project as "Andy Worhol meets Liberace." 

This would take the rest of my life to DIY it. Guess I'll just stick to admiring from afar on Amazon.

Luz's IL table  
THESE ARE TABLES,Y'ALL. There are none for sale right now, but still. From 900Blok

State memo boards. Idea and instructions over at Brit+Co.

If the amount of items and projects that come up with searching "state pride" is any indication, the most proud states would be Texas, then South Carolina, then the entire South, then California. Anyone surprised? 

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