Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Simple Rope Wedding Decor

Recently a friend at work asked if I would make pew decorations for her wedding. Of course, I'm happy to!

 She didn't have anything specific in mind but her theme was nautical and featured navy blue, cream, and gold. We brainstormed a bit and decided some cleverly tied rope could be a perfect church decoration that would be easily shipped in advance to her wedding location in NY. She also decided to include one simple flower. We used a faux calla lily for the mock up.

They're relatively inexpensive in the world of wedding decorations. The rope, the primary element, was $.35 a foot at Ace and the ribbon wasn't bad either. They are also highly adjustable. The texture of the rope means they didn't need any glue to get them to stay in place. They can be untied or loosened to add extra embellishments as desired or adjusted slightly for size and fit the day of the event if needed.  

You Will Need: 

2 pieces of hemp rope, 44" and 28"
1 piece of ribbon,  28"
flower or other embellishment

*I used the diagonal pliers pictured to easily cut the rope and flower stem to size. The scissors were for the ribbon.
*You can use any rope but hemp rope is great not only for the look but also because you don't need to treat the ends to keep it from unraveling. 
*These were made to fit a pew approx 1 ft wide. 

To make these, start with the shorter piece of rope and the ribbon. Fold them in half together.

Loop it so the ends over lap, the cut side and loop side being the ends at this point. 

Pull the loop side through the center and tighten just enough so that it stays together. 

Pull both cut ends of the longer piece of rope through the knot, adjusting where the pieces fall to your preference.

Add your flower or other embellishment.

Adjust for looks and finish tightening the knotted ends. 

That's it! After a few, you'll get a system down. You'll be able to make at least 3 or 4 in an hour. 

Simple, elegant, and inexpensive. How often does that all happen at once?

Speaking of weddings, so happy for Emma from A Beautiful Mess and her new husband Trey! Are you preparing for any upcoming weddings? Can you think of something besides a flower to use as the embellishment? I'd love to know!

Sheila :)

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