Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy (almost) Father's Day!

Don't read this before Father's Day Dad!

My Dad has kept everything I've ever made him. Everything.

The garage is kind of a time capsule of my creative development. I once gave him a popsicle stick that I tried to decorate to look like him. I used a pom pom to give it a little belly. I also sewed a little pouch so he could hang it on his peg board. I once gave him a paper plate decorated with bits of a plastic cup, cut into a smiley face. He keeps it all. And he likes it. I think.

As I've grown up (somewhat) I've tried to give slightly more useful gifts with a homemade flair. The man can never find any utensils in the kitchen; one year I bought a set of bbq tools and decorated them with bright red foam cuffs so that he would be able to find them. Guess where they are now? Hanging up in the garage.

Recently, Mom and Dad have been making the effort to eat healthier. That's meant a few pretty big changes around the Mettetal house. Among other things, a major effort has gone to reducing sodium. For Father's Day this year, I rounded up a few healthy, lower sodium snacks for Dad to munch on while watching his beloved races in his comfy chair in the garage.

I chose wasabi peas 'cause he loves him some spice, pistachios, and his favorite mixed nuts from the Make Your Own Trail Mix bar at Whole Foods. I used all unsalted nuts accept for almonds, then I tossed them all together to spread out the seasoning.

I can't just send a box of random snacks. That's not exciting at all. But etched father's day snack jars to go with them? Perfect. You know, to keep in the garage.

You will need:

3 extra clean and dry jars with lids
glass etch cream, like Armour Etch
foam spouncer
alphabet stickers
masking tap
duct tape

*Pay no attention to the paint, brush, and sandpaper in this picture. I had an idea for the lids that failed miserably. Duct tape really does fix everything.
*There are stencils and tools made just for glass etching but they tend to be a little expensive. The sticker/tape method is effective and cheap. Contact paper works well too.

 Use masking tap to section a rectangle on your jar. Use the alphabet stickers to spell out your chosen words. I picked "Father," "Dad," and "Pop" in three different fonts. Press down all stickers and tape as firmly as possible to seal the edges.

Use the spouncer to apply a generous coat of etch cream. A paint brush would work as well but the back and forth motion is more likely to accidentally lift the stickers or tape. Use the etch cream according to product instructions. The great thing about etching is it won't wear off or fade like paint. It's on there for keeps! It is essentially an acid that slightly corrodes the glass. It can burn you if you're not careful. Not that I know from experience or anything... 

Leave the cream on for at least 5 minutes, then gently wash off with soap and water. Once the cream is off it's time to remove the stickers and tape. 

Cover your lids with duct tape. It stays the best if wrapped around the edges and taped to the top inside of the lid. Don't worry, the jar still closes securely this way. Add your snacks to the jars and you're set!

 The drastic difference in jar size makes them more fun to look at but a lot harder to get a good picture!

Do you have anything planned for Father's Day? What snacks would you include in your jars? I'd love to know!

Sheila :) 

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