Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Homemade Business Cards

This weekend, I'm going to my first local crafty event as a craft blogger.

Normally, I would avoid this temptation. "You'll just want to buy everything," I would tell myself, "better to stay far, far away..." I love supporting local artists and I love knowing that the work is truly one of a kind. What I do not love, is trying to accomplish those previously mentioned goals on a poverty level living stipend.   But now I have an excuse! I'm going to meet artists, do a little networking, and see if there is any potential for posts about their work, their process, or anything else an artist might be interested in sharing.

I looked into buying business cards for these purposes. There are tons of free offers online but they are pretty restrictive on design and still charge shipping. Eventually, I'd love to have a personalized stamper for cards like this one but that is not a possibility at the moment. Also, I'm hoping that it won't be long before the blog will have a  big girl design overhaul. Instead, I went for the most costly friendly and cutest alternative I could think of: make 'em!

I went through a few different styles using materials on hand. The first round turned out like this:

Which I hated.

Eventually, I printed out the info and cut the sheets to size instead of trying to stamp or hand write like a crazy person.

Using a sewing machine on a 2" x 3.5" piece of thin cardboard was surprisingly easy, but not forgiving. And I bet you know what the base is made of already...

Sorry for stealing all your food boxes, roomie. 

I didn't make a tutorial for this because, frankly, most people probably would not make the desired professional impact handing someone a business card made out of a waffle box with a ribbon sewn on. But to local artists? I think they'll understand. I'm excited for the opportunity to meet these people and bring the enthusiasm back to BTCC. I just wanted to share that excitement with all of you :)

Would you be able to get away with handmade business cards? What kind of impression would these make on you? I'd love to know.


PS. Don't worry, there's no personal information on these cards not available on the blog. I'm private, yo. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope the people I hand them out to will think so as well ;)

  2. I'm trying to become a sustainability/environmental professional but also am living on a tight budget...luckily I can use cereal boxes and call it Upcycling! Enjoyed your post!

    1. I'd love to see how yours look when you make them! Thanks so much for reading :)


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