Monday, July 22, 2013

Crochet Bottle Cozy

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Did you know yesterday was National Ice Cream Day? We celebrated with an ice cream “tour” of Columbia, making stops at locally owned ice cream places like Paradise Ice and Rosewood Dairy Bar. I may not want ice cream again for a while, but it sure was fun at yesterday. There are few things better than sitting on a hot summer day holding a cold ice cream cone. Maybe the next best thing I can think of is holding a cold drink. Until it becomes a warm drink. So make this cozy to keep that from happening! (Smooth transition, right?)

I’m not much for writing or using crochet patterns to be honest. Usually I just try to start making whatever I have in mind; either it works or it fails miserably. This is my learning style. Then I adjust accordingly. There could potentially be MANY mistakes in this pattern, so please, please tell me if you attempt to make it and run into trouble.

A few things to keep in mind:

You can get a refresher of the basics here.

A slip stitch is usually used to finished a row without adding height and is very easy to do. Insert hook, yarn over, and pull all the way though so the yarn you just picked up is the only thing loop left on your hook. 

To turn your piece, you literally just turn it around. Not the hook but the project, so that you are working on top of the stitches you just recently finished heading the other direction. Maybe some hardcore crocheters do it differently, but this has always worked fine for me. 

Crocheters are lazy when it comes to writing down patterns and frequently use abbreviations. Below are the ones I will use, which are standard terms.

            1. ch = chain stitch
            2. sc = single crochet
            3. dc = double crochet
            4. sl = slip stitch
            5. st = stitch
            6. *repeat everything inside these the amount indicated*

I’ll start by writing it out, but eventually switch to the abbreviations once the lazy factor kicks in. Oh, and I used worsted yarn (Red Heart Super Savers yeahya), size 5.5 (or I-9) hook, a yarn needle, and about 8" of ¼ inch thick ribbon. Let's do this!

Row 1: Chain 3
Row 2: Double crochet 8 in the 3rd stitch from hook, slip stitch to first stitch
Row 3: Chain 2, double crochet 2 in each stitch around, slip stitch (18 stitches)
Row 3: Chain 2, *dc 2 in first stitch, dc 1 in next* continue this around the circle. Slip stitch. (27 st)
Row 4: Single crochet in each stitch.

This is should make the base of your cozy. Now it’s time to build upwards.

Row 5: Dc on just the top half of stitches around. This will create the “walls” of the  cozy. Slip stitch to join (27 st).

Row 6-12: *Ch 2, dc in each stitch, join with sl st.* There is no need to turn yet. Unless you really want to.

Row 13: Ch 2, dc around but do not join. When you get to the start of the row, instead of joining you will turn.
Row 14: Ch 2, head back in the opposite direction with dc around, when you get to the end, turn.
Row 15: Ch 2, dc around, when you get to the end of this row you’re done! Tie it off and use a yarn needle to weave the ends.

Use the same yarn needle to weave in a thin piece of ribbon in the top row. The ribbon can be tied around the bottle to make sure it stays in place.

Now you have the week to work on this so it's ready for your next adventure. BTdubbs I chose garnet and black because those are Gamecock colors so the roomie can use this for tailgating when football season starts back up and be the cool kid at the party. Because that's what using crocheted goods in public makes you.

What is your summer beverage of choice? More importantly, what are your team colors? I'd love to know.

Sheila :)

PS. We accidentally discovered this same pattern fits perfectly around a regular sized plastic water bottle. Two for one! 

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