Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Umbrellas

It has been raining for what feels like forever. I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here in Columbia and across most of the southeast, it's been raining as if it's going out of style. There's an 81% chance of rain today. Specifically, 81% according to the radio. Think they meant to say 81 degrees. At least the rain is keeping it cooler...

It seems only appropriate that this weekend inspiration theme is umbrellas.

Kodak has an easy tutorial to turn your favorite picture prints into drink umbrellas.

This sweet umbrella mobile is made by Shop Littles on Etsy.

A meringue cookie colored with edible markers and a lollipop stick made a perfect mini beach umbrella on Party Pinching. A little brown sugar and candy details finished the scene. 

I'm pretty sure everyone needs this fun paper umbrella wreath from Family Chic. Need

Bendy straws apparently make a perfect umbrella handle shape. Who knew? Besides Spoonful anyway.

Ever had a big rip in the fabric of an umbrella and think you'd have to throw it away? This idea on Ella Elaine uses the wire frame of an old umbrella to hang pictures and keepsakes. 

A handmade happy beach umbrella notecard from Crafting with Katie shows an umbrella in a totally different weather situation. 

I can't seem to find the original source of this image, but it makes me smile for some reason. Thought you might find it fun too. 

Also, you can't have a list about umbrellas and not include a Singin' in the Rain reference. It's just not done.

Are you a rainy day lover or grumbler? Usually I like the rain, especially when it comes with thunder, but after a while it's starting to get old. No exciting plans for this weekend besides reading and trying to stay dry. Are you doing anything fun? I'd love to know :)


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