Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Beach Towels

Fist things first, the winners of the very first giveaway on BTCC are Nicole Gottschall and Jamie Lee Martin! Thanks so much to everyone who participated :) I'll be emailing this weekend to make sure you get your prize.

The rain here wants to go away. It's trying. But not very hard. Now I find myself day dreaming of sunny summer days in high school when a big group of us would pile into one car (because only one of us was old enough to drive yet) and head down to the beach for an afternoon. With this memory in mind, the Weekend Inspiration theme is beach towels:

It looks pretty easy to make this 3-in-1 beach tote that serves as a tote/organizer, then folds out to become a towel.

It wouldn't be a weekend inspiration post without at least one cupcake. This tutorial on Sweet Creations teaches how to make a cute striped beach towel with fondant.

Crochet beach towel pattern! Can't think of a better way to be simultaneously nerdy and trendy.

This is technically not a beach towel, it's a beach blanket. I'm assuming the only difference is that it's huge.

Make your own collapsible beach chair using some dowels and a towel! SO doing this.

I have a pretty serious cookie crush on these little towels

This tutorial for a pocketed beach towel has been all over the internet - and for good reason.

Anyone who has ever been to the beach, ever, knows the only bad part is getting back in your car afterwards soaking wet and covered in sand. This removable beach towel seat cover looks like a great fix for at least some of that issue.

This weekend I'll be checking out the Tasty Tomato Festival here in Columbia. Are you doing anything exciting? I'd love to know!


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