Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Fireworks

Hope you had a great 4th of July! As you read this, I am at a campground in the Blue Ridge Mountains in West Virginia. Talk about America the Beautiful. You might notice a theme in next weeks posts...

But for now, it seems only fitting that this week's theme is fireworks:

I love that these firework earrings from The Art Diva also look a bit like dandelions. 

Firework pretzel sticks from Oh My Creative would be such a fun treat.

This wall display by Mr Printables Blog is made from zip ties! Who'da thunk it. 

The idea for this Patriotic Picnic Basket from Me and My Insanity would work perfectly with your new  napkins

Gimme Some Style had a cute idea to use different colored beans to hold sparklers as a centerpiece. 

AWESOME idea to wrap candy to make fireworks from Garden Seeds and Honey Bees.

These firework cookies on Sweet Pea's Kitchen are almost too pretty to eat. 

This paper banner from Landee See Landee Do isn't as much as I expected for as beautiful as it looks. 

Fireworks in a jar by 504 Main are like a colorful, patriotic snow globe. Fun and simple.

Hopefully, you're already in the midst of enjoying a long holiday weekend and have a little extra time for some projects ;)

Did your area have fireworks, or did it rain all week like it did in South Carolina? Are you doing anything exciting the rest of the weekend? I'd love to know!


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