Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Watermelon

If I could eat fruit for every meal over the summer, I would. My roommate has half a watermelon in the fridge that's just been sitting there, staring at me. She went out of town last night and it took everything I had not to attack it with my face. I could just buy my own watermelon, but for some reason this forbidden fruit seems all the more enticing. At least it gave me an idea for the Weekend Inspiration theme although, I have a feeling this might just make it worse...

Watermelon cake pops with little chocolate chip seeds. I have the feeling these would be a lot of work.

Watermelon lemonade sounds delicious!

Feta bites for all you fancy eaters out there.

Baby shoes pattern! SO TINY. SO CUTE.

I've never had/made gazpacho before. I wonder if this watermelon recipe is a good beginner dish?

This door hanger could only be more southern if they added a "Y'all" to the end.

If there was such a thing as leftover watermelon, this salsa would be a great way to use it up.

Make your own watermelon picnic basket!

Watermelon shark attack! I'm not sure if they blueberry eyes make this extra awesome or extra creepy.

What are you doing this weekend? I think we're going to head down to Charleston and make some time for the beach. Maybe we'll bring along some watermelon :)

Do you have any watermelon specialties besides slice and eat? And favorite flavor combinations? I'd love to know!

Sheila :)

P.S. I guess I should miss an opportunity to plug my own post! Oops. How about some watermelon cookies?

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