Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cloth Picnic Napkin

Making a cloth napkin: Good. Making a picnic napkin: Awesome.

Originally, the idea behind this napkin was to keep a little kit in my lunch box. This would still work for that, but I realized while sewing it, and adding the silverware pockets, that it would be the perfect one-person picnic provision. 
And it all rolls up into a neat, portable package. Want to make your own?You will need:
1 fat quarter (18"-21")
1 cut of fabric (6-1/2"-8")
straight pins
ribbon (18")
sewing machine, or needle, thread and perseverance

Double fold the corner and the 8" side of the cut of fabric, the same as regular cloth napkins. Sew the two sides.

 Once the you've stitched those edges, match the unfinished edges of the small cut to the corner of the fat quarter, wrong side to wrong side (wrong side=back of the fabric. Make sense? Or just do whatever you want.)

Then fold up the corner with the two pieces together the same way you just did previously. Fold and pin the long edge. I wanted individual pockets for silverware, so I took the chance to mark out three sections a little less than 2 inches apart and sewed a line all the way up and back the cut fabric on each mark. I did the same thing on the long end of the cut fabric that's already been hemmed to attach it to the napkin. From there, you can fold all sides of the fat quarter and stitch around.

 I accidentally added a piece of ribbon to the wrong side. Oops. I got carried away. I left the wrong one on still to tie in any other things that seem handy later, like wet wipes. The practical closure ribbon should go on the opposite short side about 4" up from the bottom. It's easiest to hand stitch it on. 

And you're done! Now you fold over the top and roll it all up and you're ready for some prime picnic time. Just in time for some impromptu summer picnics.

What is your favorite picnic food? Any picnic plans coming up? Like for the 4th? I'd love to know!


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